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5500 Kč

The Z Series includes a wide model line of framed connecting doors. Framed doors have a hollow cavity packed with different fillers, depending on the type and purpose of the door. The major distinctive feature of Z Series is the aluminum fillet with exclusive finish encasing the door sides for additional protection against mechanical damage and adding a final touch to the door panel design solution. Depending on the style preferences, the Z Series doors can have different glass and coating color renditions.
Serie Z

600, 700, 800, 900x2000 mm
Thickness: 44 mm.
Non-standard dimensions:
Width: from 400 mm to 1000 mm
Height: up to 3000 mm

11Z Capuccino Crosscut
11Z EshWhite Crosscut
11Z Grey Crosscut
11Z Třešen Malaga
11Z Wenge Crosscut

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