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550 Kč

The modern noiseless lock ARNI is primarily designed for bathroom doors, as well as interior and office doors. The mechanism of locks Mediana Evolution is one of the latest design of the Italian Manufacturer ARNI.

The uniqueness of the lock is based on the implementation of innovative design: central latch bolt (the so-called plastic lock catch) is made of nylon (polyamide) and can withstand the loads with reliable locking of doors.

The lock provides maximum strength and quietness when hit against the strike plate, as well as durable initial appearance of plates in the course of many years of operation.

The new mount system of the latch with its one-of-a-kind independently guided slide allows changing its position for a few seconds without disassembling the lock.

The lock for interior doors ARNI has a short handle rotation range when opening and closing. It's only 30%.

If the latch mechanism is locked with a key, the handle will freely rotate, excluding the breakage of the lock

In addition to its main functions, locks ARNI bring modern and elegant aesthetics to the interior design. Locks for interior doors are installed in: Doors of the house, Offices, Rooms, Bathrooms.

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Zadlabací zámek 410B

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