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8100 Kč

X Series is represented by a wide range of dismountable doors whose main advantage is high structural toughness and reliability. One of the major distinctive features of the X Series connecting doors determining their performance characteristics and aesthetic properties is the Ecoshpon external coating. The coating does not fade when exposed to sunlight, it is chemically resistant, does not warp because of moisture, it does not decrepitate or peel off due to change of temperature or mechanical impacts. Besides high strength and long service life, the X Series doors allow for replacement of all their components. Any part or glass panel can be replaced, if damaged. If desired, any part can be replaced by the user himself.
Serie X

600, 700, 800, 900x2000 мм
Thickness: 36 мм
Non-standard dimensions:
Width: from 400 mm to 1000 mm
Height: up to 2300 mm

8x Wenge Melinga, zrdcadlový triplex
8x Capuccino Melinga, zrdcadlový triplex
8x EshWhite Melinga, zrdcadlový triplex
8x Gray Melinga, zrdcadlový triplex
8x Wenge Melinga, zrdcadlový triplex

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