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3 660 Kč

Enjoy great popularity due to their practicability. Their main advantage compared to traditional doors is space saving and visual space expansion. The sliding device design does not require any special preparation of the door opening. The doors move along a guide rail along the wall, they do not require any threshold on the floor, which makes them very convenient to those using wheel-chairs. Sliding doors can be of single- and double-leaf design. It should be noted that the area along the entire width of the sliding system should be free from any objects. Sliding doors are characterized by maximum functionality and are very convenient in use, while allowing to save a lot of space and enhancing the interior decoration.

8Z Wenge Crosscut,sklo Černý lák
3X Ořech Pekan
10X Wenge Crosskut, sklo Matelux
Vzhled 2
5Z Třešeň Malaga Crosscut, sklo Černý lák

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