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750 Kč

Magnetic locks for interior doors AGB Polaris WC from the Italian Company AGB are top seller for installation in interior doors. The lock is designed for interior doors of the house, office and bathroom doors. This model is one of the latest design of the Italian Manufacturer AGB.

The uniqueness of the lock is based on the implementation of innovative design:
the central magnetic bolt is made of nylon (carbon) and can withstand the loads for reliable locking of interior doors. Thanks to the magnet, it automatically goes to silent lock closing mode when aligned with the strike plate.

You can buy magnetic locks wholesale and retail at a bargain price at the Company "Komondoor". We have a great variety of models from the leading manufacturers of fittings.

Manufacturer: AGB, Italy.

Cylinder lock AGB MEDIANA POLARIS PZ is also available.

In addition to its main functions, locks AGB Mediana Evolution bring modern and elegant aesthetics to the interior design. Locks for interior doors are installed in: Doors of the house, Offices, Rooms, Bathrooms.

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